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Meet Our Team!

Dennis Collins – President and Owner
Mr. Collins has been a Golden State Warrior season ticket holder for almost as many years as he has owned San Jose Surgical Supply, Inc. Since the 1970’s through winning and losing years, he stuck with his team. Just like the head coach of the Warriors, Mr. Collins is bringing his team back as fierce local and family-owned competitors and will reign as champions over corporate Goliaths in the industry. Mr. Collins has also given back thousands of dollars to his local community throughout the years, including the Salvation Army and local battered womens’ shelters. Mr. Collins is definitely old school and we’re lucky he has a computer in his office and a flip-phone in his pocket. As such, direct communication through your phone is the best way to get in touch at 408-293-9033.


Emile Fatha- Pharmaceuticals, Purchasing, Customer Service – San Jose
Emile is the calm, cool, and collected voice of San Jose Surgical as well as BBQ-er extraordinaire in his spare time. He and warehouse manager, Robert Garcia, are a ferocious barbeque duo competing locally and throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley. Emile is a true professional and has been with our company for nearly 30 years. Have a great barbeque recipe you’d like to share or a question about pharmaceutical supplies? Email Emile


Robert Garcia – Warehouse Manager – San Jose
From teenager to adulthood, Robert has worked his way up at San Jose Surgical to be the best warehouse manager a company could ever imagine. Starting at age 18, from shipping out our product to working as a long-distance driver in the Bay Area, Robert is not afraid to go the extra mile for our customers. In his spare time, he is the other half of Hot Link and Chorizo barbeque team with Emile Fatha. According to Robert, beer and barbeque go hand-in-hand and he discovered his favorite beer while visiting Chico, California - Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing. Email for any of your favorite beer suggestions or to ask him any questions regarding your order.


Sandra Cisneros – Business Office Manager – San Jose
Growing up in Mazatlán, Mexico, Sandra moved to Northern California and began her career at San Jose Surgical Supply almost 20 years ago. She worked her way up as an administrative assistant into the accounting department with the owner of the company continually asking how he can clone her. I wish there were more of Sandra Cisneros’ in this world, as she is consistently hardworking and loyal to the end, but never afraid to break the ice with her contagious laughter and sense of humor. If you have questions about your bill or would like to ask about a good place for seafood in Mazatlán, shoot Sandra an Email.


Bob Reggiani – Sales Manager – San Jose and Mid Valley Surgical
Before child labor laws went into effect, Bob started at San Jose Surgical Supply as a warehouse worker at the age of 15. After a few career changes, including several years as a butcher for Nob Hill Foods, Bob returned to San Jose Surgical Supply and is happy to be celebrating more than 12 years of fantastic sales service. If you have any questions on how to filet a side of beef or if you would like to create an account or place an order, you may contact Bob.


Doug Berry – Store Manager: Mid Valley Surgical, Fresno Location
A brain full of medical supply knowledge plus a dry sense of humor added to the mix equals Doug Berry, the perfect person to run our Mid Valley Surgical Fresno location. Having worked within the medical supply industry for more than 40 years starting in the 1970’s as a shipping clerk and working for both large medical supply corporations and family-owned businesses, Doug chose Mid Valley Surgical more than 25 years ago and is the industry poster child for medical supply experience. Would you like to test Doug’s plethora of medical supply knowledge? Feel free to send him an Email.


Dan Elder- Store Manager: Mid Valley Surgical, Sacramento Location
If a happy, helpful, and knowledgeable person is who you are looking for with any of your medical supply needs, then Dan is your man! Not only does his 30-plus years working for Mid Valley Surgical in our state’s capitol make him the happy person he is throughout the entire year, October is an especially happy month for Dan. As Halloween approaches, Dan transforms his house into a spectacularly decorated art form and transforms his home into something new year after year. If you have any spooky ideas on how Dan change it up for Halloween this year or if you would like to call Dan about any of your supply needs, you may reach him at 916-372-7056.